I show you how to nutritionally feed yourself, love your body and build your self esteem in life, relationships and career.

Love Yourself Naked®

Are you feeling embarrassed by your body?

Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe you are not liking your life or feeling as happy as you want to be.

You may think the problem is your weight, or something like your career or relationship…

I promise you it’s not.

There are times when we feel emotionally overwhelmed, tired, anxious, depressed and use things to try to change our mood like drinking, shopping, the internet or eating.

But know this…

You could get skinny tomorrow, land your dream job, and find a fantastic partner – and still have the same emotional and mental stuck points as you do right now.


The problem more often is that we’re trapped in worry, guilt and shame, unable to make it stop.  Often not even knowing what we really want in life.

When this happens it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, because everything starts going downhill on the inside.

And that’s when we reach for the ice cream, only to start the negative cycle once again.

We think it’s the weight or career or lack of relationship but no, it is something much larger.

The solution to all these problems is available to you right now inside my free gift called:

The 7 Golden Rules.”

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The included worksheet walks you through the deceptively simple rules, where you will discover the biggest mistake we’re all making, and ultimately how to get what you really want in your life (including the weight loss).

There’s also a great picture graphic so you never forget “The 7 Golden Rules” and a quick video that will make it seem like you have more hours in your day. 

Listen, once you get your physical, emotional and mental self back in balance, your emotions will immediately settle down so that you can feel peaceful, grateful and joyful in your daily life.

I want that for you. I want you to feel that kind of joy. I want that for everyone.

Those who work with me in my Love Your Life Academy mastermind group (LYLA) get transformation a matter of weeks.  If you’re interested in seeing if you’re a fit for that program, you can apply here.

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