I’m glad you are here. I’m Renee Jayne, I help people activate healing and health physically, emotionally and mentally so they can live free, love themselves and their life. 

Love Yourself Naked®

Are you someone who wants to create change in your life?

Many of us face challenges in our lives. The stresses in our world today can make people extremely vulnerable. People are exhausted, worried, overworked.  They can’t sleep, they are worried.  Many people are in pain in their body or in their hearts. They are too busy to slow down and feel their emotions. When we combine toxic stress from our external environment and processed foods, our physical, emotional and mental self become impacted.

When people come to me with a problem (poor health, addictions, food issues, unfulfilled relationships, financial issues, stifled creativity or lack of connection to work or purpose, I always start with one thing.

We begin to work on loving the self.  

This is because when we approve, respect, accept and love ourself as we are, then we can easily find the road map to the results we want.

I want my clients to get results, and i also want them to get the healing, loving and approval along the way so they can maintain it.

Have you ever tried to make changes with your health, thinking, relationships and life only to find that you are still repeating the same old patterns over and over again?

If you have experienced this, I can relate to you because i’ve been there. 

I work one-on-one and lead groups with people who want to love themselves, heal their bodies, relationships with food and family, gain confidence, build self-esteem, transformation and align and harmonize mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’ve been teaching, coaching and helping people for over a decade.  The freer you feel in your body, emotions and mind, the more you will experience your life changing for the better. To transform yourself and your life, take a look at the ways I work with people and check out the praise from my clients.