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Today I’m sharing a very important topic while on the tail end of an incredible week of traveling. We all know that a wholesome diet and regular exercise are keys to our healthy lives so I want to share how to take things to the next level. I had a mix of swimming in the ocean and playing in New York City. with exception to the lack of sleep I definitely enhanced my vitality. A key ingredient was being around amazing friends. Even though I definitely missed out on sleep this past week, I have no regrets and I’m catching up with some extra sleep this week. And I’ll add  mucho green juice galore daily.

Whether you’re just getting started on your healthy lifestyle journey or you’ve been in this buzzing world for a while, it’s vital to get this right. Especially if you want your results to last in the crazy world we live in.

In the 7 ways to enhance your vitality below, I’m going to share 7 strategies that work for me when I feel like I’m stuck in the same stagnant space. When  I’m not feeling my best and I’m ready to move forward and create some more magic in day to day life.

7 Ways To Enhance Your Vitality

(Adapted from an old Experience Life Magazine and tweaked with some Love Yourself Nakedflare)

1. Get Outside. The happiest and healthiest people around the globe all have this in common. They enjoy an active life that is surrounded by nature. Wherever you live or whatever the weather, find ways to spend some time in the fresh air.

2. Cultivate Community. Did you know that when you lack in personal relationships it lowers your immune system and zaps your vitality? Maintain strong social ties with others and this will both improve your health and joy. Volunteering helps create happiness and allows you to be part of a strong cause and community.

3. Be A Lifelong Learner. The more knowledge and education you have the stronger, healthier and more vibrant life you will live. Make it your intention to be a student of life and let go of any ego involved. We learn from every encounter we have.

4. Calm Down. Chronic stress releases hormones that not only damage our cells but they also communicate to our cells and tell them to create diseases within our tissues and organs and shorten our life expectancy. Create space in your life daily to nurture yourself in whatever way feels right for you. It is crucial to schedule and create the time and space for self care. Without the scheduled time it won’t happen.

5. Honor Your Promises. Each time you break a promise whether to yourself, your significant other or someone you love you are creating a habit. Be impeccable with your word whether it is getting up on time, drinking the glass of water when you wake up, showing up on time for an appointment, etc… If we break our promises (even the little ones) it becomes a habit. On the contrary, when we keep these promises we trust ourselves and this can make all the difference in vitality.

6.Plug Your Energy Leaks. Notice the spaces and places that you are losing energy. Look at your primary foods: relationships, career, spirituality, exercise and find out where you are lacking. Reevaluate lifeless jobs, negative relationships, poor eating habits, sedentary patterns and other parts of your life that drain your energy.

7. Don’t Skimp On Sleep. Good sleep creates health. We often think we are invincible. I’ve seen clients lose weight by really focusing on their sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation increases your odds of suffering from both heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. And it reduces your immunity and your ability to cope productively with everyday challenges.

I think we all have lessons to share with each other in this area and I learned so much from the fabulous people I spent time with and listened to this past week.

If you have insight or experiences to share please leave a comment below. I’m REALLY interested to hear your stories on how you enhance your vitality!