I show you how to love yourself naked®

I’m Renee Jayne. I’m a writer, creative, teacher and health advocate. I’ve worked with children, parents, doctors, actors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and small and large corporations. Nissan, Ford, UAW, Oakland County, Detroit Athletic Club, Michigan House Of Representatives, American Heart Association, Cranbrook School, Gilda’s Club, Brit+Co, Soul Camp. I’m currently working on a book about the practice of Loving Yourself and Your Life. Interest? Please subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll share more thoughts, writings, videos and pieces of the chapters as I write them. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram

I have served ice cream cones and sold knives – millions of dollars of them. Then I fell in love with clean eating and began learning about conscious marketing.  

I earned degrees in marketing, business, and nutrition. I was married then and from that birthed the most magnificent miracle, a son- and it took 48 hours of natural labor because I didn’t know how to feel my anger and angst back then.

I spent 2.5 days alone in a hostel in New York City during a hurricane and learned I wasn’t really alone. And through it all, I found wholeness in my soul, body, relationships and life. I learned the practice of loving myself.

I am ambitious and intuitive. I found divine love and met my match- he’s super brilliant, emotionally intelligent and sexy. I’m a proud mother, a nutrition nerd, writer and a never ending optimist, artist and change maker who finds compost piles just as fascinating as genomics. I am honored to be part of a self love revolution.

I dream of revolutionizing our food system- and I don’t believe in dieting or counting calories.

I believe that if everyone in the world, really loved themselves, we would change the world and I’m on a mission to help that out.

I do my best to live consciously and practice meditation because it strengthens my brain, and I’m happier when I move my body and mind. I realized my dependencies held me back from sharing my truth and I let them go one by one. It feels so great to no longer have to pretend I’m perfect.

I’m still working on all of it with as much fun as possible.


I love people. I would likely find you fascinating, intriguing and I have a lot of questions for you…

Best word to describe me:  Student akaone who is always studying

The best students also make the best teachers and vice versa.

I’ve been asked to speak at the Michigan House of Representatives, Oakland County’s Oak Fit program, and for corporations like Meijer, Nissan, Ford, The UAW, Better Health, Detroit Athletic Club, Cranbrook, American Heart Association, Gilda’s Club, local Fox News in Detroit and ABC News.

My clients share this:

“when I’m near you, my life and body just starts to change”

“You always practice what you preach”

We love ourselves and feed ourselves.   

We cleanse, we cook, we feel the pain and do it anyway. We love. We grow and we change.

And we do it together.

Because I believe that when we get together, transformation happens.

So I’ve created online group programs, powerful masterminds, trainings, cleanses and private coaching designed specifically for men and women who are ready to live authentically and achieve lasting health – physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I coach my clients out of IMMOBILITY and confusion and into strength and clarity. And I do it with my signature mix of warmth, fierce love, and no-bullshit honesty.


It starts with you.  

This is about loving yourself and feeding yourself. Choosing to feel versus run or go deep instead of numb.  It’s about not letting anything stand in the way of the “real” you.

It’s about manifesting what you have always wanted in your life and knowing that you deserve it.


Love yourself.  

We all have many roles, titles and identities in our life. When people ask you “who you are and what you do”, how do you answer?

At times our weight, body or health issues can be the physical manifestation of the distance we want to keep between us and others.

At times, our weight, body or health issues can also be the physical manifestation of toxic overload in the body. It’s a sort of chemical soup that your body just cannot get rid of anymore without a little help.

At times, our issues come from our self limiting beliefs that are only magnified by a struggling self esteem.


Love Yourself Naked® is a provocative name and that ensures that powerful promises come with it.  

I use distinctive nutritional health practices, intuitive coaching and emotional and mental psychological mentorship.  I’ll help you experience and love your most powerful “you”.

The time is always NOW.

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Professional Bio

I’ve created online group programs and powerful masterminds designed specifically for groups and individuals who are ready to live authentically and achieve lasting health. 

Renee Jayne, CHHP, AADP (formerly Renee Heigel) shows people how to feed themselves and love themselves. She has merged a unique blend of her experience in marketing, business, entrepreneurship, public speaking, holistic nutrition, wellness and Ayurvedic healing.  In addition to her dual degrees from Northwood University, Renee has earned degrees / certificates in the following disciplines: Holistic Nutrition Practitioner from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Life Coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, whole foods nutritionist cooking teacher, meditation. Renee’s innovative approach to holistic health and healing include the emotional and energetic self, she has worked with people from medical doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, high profile business people, couples and families. Renee has been featured on ABC and Fox News as a holistic health expert, she also works privately with individuals and corporations both locally and internationally. Renee is mom to Manny, he’s 7 years old. She’s happily in love with her man, Rob. She meditates daily, loves life, moving her body, delicious food, creativity and meeting new people.

Send all inquires: support@reneeheigel.com

Mailing Address | Renee Heigel, LLC  | 1221 Bowers #2279 | Birmingham MI 48012 | USA

To Love Yourself Naked® Means…

To strip down. To skinny dip. To stand on your head, hang upside down from a pole or from powerful trees. To look at your body in the mirror and like what you see. To wake up to being in your body… physically connected to it. To heal your sugar addiction. To replace cravings with confidence. To end emotional eating for good. To indulge in real, clean food. To radically nourish yourself. To stick with it. To be your word. To trust yourself. To get stronger. To find your power. To meditate. To be conscious. To know you are whole. To rekindle your passion with your partner. To use your voice and shine your light. To speak on stage in front of millions. To write your book. To show up, in your body, your relationships, your career and your life. To have a sparkle in your eye and a deeply happy heart.

With a blend of ancient medicine and modern nutrition, innovative psychology, and outstanding community, I’m on a mission to offer you a revolutionary health experience that transforms you inside and out.

I’ll Help You to Love Yourself Naked.

Be healthy today,