Happy On The Inside (HOTI) Membership is a life changing membership with monthly access to coaching circles with Renee + powerful content each week that dives deeper into coaching questions, curiosity, creativity, truth telling, nutrition, and authenticity in relationships, career, body, spirituality and more.  This is a supportive and action oriented community for men and women who have big goals, want accountability through community and group coaching with Renee. When you know that being happy on the inside is the ultimate goal, you begin tuning in holistically to your physical, emotional and mental health.  “Happy On The Inside Members” get access to LIVE group coaching with me, our private HOTI forum, guided plans, recipes, meal ideas, healing practices, rituals, meditations, my best talks, videos and resources.


HOTI is split up into 13 moon cycles, instead of 12 months. Each moon cycle has several themes designed to support and stretch you along with others looking to rise with you.  

Finally! The support, clarity, accountability and strategic plan you’ve been craving on our path to be Happy On The Inside.

For the past 7 years, our community has been asking me for a way to not go back to old patterns and habits. I’ve been in their shoes, I totally get it.

  • Do you consistently eat when you are tired or late at night? You may know you need to keep going so you use sugar or food for a fake energy boost?
  • Do you need more accountability and direction on how to maintain health consistently when you get knocked off center or when life gets busy, noisy or chaotic?
  • Do you fear you’ll revert back to old habits and patterns? Or worse yet, not notice the excess of sugar or support your body in with the nutrition it needs?
  • Do you need more support in managing sugar cravings for the long term?  If so, I understand. 
  • Are you worried you’ll break your commitments to yourself in social situations?
  • Do you think more community with stretch, support and coaching would help you to move forward faster than you would on your own?
  • Are you reading and studying about health, nutrition, exercise, personal and spiritual development all the time and want more clarity on what to do next in your life?



If you answered “yes” to anything above then my bet is that we could share stories for hours.


Like you, I’ve had ups and downs with my body, health, food habits, sweets and even relationships. Particularly the relationship with “me”. However, I’ve always had one thing supporting me — I’m a student and I want to keep learning.  I’ve been committed to the practice of growing and seeing myself authentically from the beginning of my life and I believe it’s one of the reasons I’m a great leader, teacher and transformational coach. 
Early on in my spiritual and nutritional growth, I hid from others a lot. I was so afraid what people though of me and to be vulnerable. I wanted to do everything by myself.   After enough painful moments and years I knew I needed to learn to love myself naked. In other words, be authentic, whole and accept myself.  I forced myself to be part of community and it changed everything.  I saw I couldn’t do this alone. None of us need to do this alone and it’s so much more fun in community. Since then, it’s been my personal mission to create community so we could all continue to rise in health together.  I help the community and they help me – it’s synergy. 
So I created 13 themes (one for each moon cycle, all 28 days a part. basically each month) that walks our community members through a monthly strategy with clarity, structure and openness to creativity and inspiration. This is set up for commitment, accountability and stretch so you can grow yourself and body in the privacy of your home. 
For the past 7 years, our community has been asking me for this. I’ve heard dozens of people share concerns that they would go back to old patterns and habits. Others have told me that they wanted more coaching circles. I have been in your shoes, I get it. 
Life gets busy, noisy and there are so many priorities. We can forget our self care and self compassion.  We forget about ourselves. What many of us don’t realize is that self care and compassion are a necessity and not a luxury that just a select few get time for. Without learning this difference, we will not grow. 
I have learned through some painful times that I absolutely couldn’t live focused on fear for another day. I had to choose the light, the love. This program can help you remember your courage, power and voice.   It will give tools and skills to make your self care and healthy habits a consistent priority. I have so much to share with you, I cannot wait.
I was once asked a question by someone close to me… 
She said, “Renee, are you happy?”
I sat there for a moment and I looked at her deeply in the eyes. I was struck by the randomness of her question and I knew I couldn’t lie to her or myself an longer. 
I said, “no, I’m not happy”.
It was the first time I recall getting really honest with myself about  my feelings and even though on the outside I had it all and was living this “dream life”, inside I was a mess. 
This question put me on target. I wanted to be whole. I wanted to love me and be happy on the inside.  


So with this in mind, I invite you to Happy On The Inside Membership

This is a subscription platform with access to a membership site so you can follow along, stay connected to our fellow community members, get LIVE group call access with me and have one place for all the tools you need to keep your consistent behaviors and habits going. 

The HOTI Membership Subscription Includes:

(each month)

  • Monthly Renee Interview: I might go off on a topic myself or I might invite a guest to interview around relevant topics that impact our community. You’ll get access to this call or video so you can feel inspired, motivated and armed with tools to take action. 
  • One LIVE group coaching circle with Renee. Access to coaching.  These will be powerful and transformational in order to create change in your life. Each call will be recorded. 
  • A tool or resource from my archive that fits the theme of our month. It might be a video, meditation, exercise or surprise… all designed to teach you lessons that shift your beliefs and limiting stories about yourself. 
  • Access to our Forum where Renee will show up weekly. 
  • Bonus Content: There may be discounts to other programs, retreats and special events that come up that Renee will share with you first. 


Benefits Of Being A Member Of Our Community:

  • Imagine having a personal coach but at a fraction of the cost. Each month you’ll get access to my guidance on clarity, feeling fulfilled, health, nutrition, relationships & more. So if you haven’t had the money for a life coach in the past, the HOTI Membership is your ticket to being Happy On The Inside. 
  • You are not going to be struggling for consistency on your health and life journey. Let’s be done with that, shall we? No more living in fear that it will all crumble or not work out. The monthly themes will give you the direction you need. 
  • Release old patterns, behaviors and limiting beliefs that created the old story that doesn’t work for you now.  This is includes stories about sugar, food, intimacy, money, your body and more. This one step impacts everything!
  • Consistent access to the 7 Day Sugar Challenge with add on content for Winning The Sugar Game that only HOTI Members get access to. Meditations by me and a BONUS 7 Day Spiritual Course I created just for you.  All so you can create habits that are easy and stress free.
  • This will save you time and make your life simpler. You will learn to change your relationship with “time”. Everything will be there for you so you will not get behind or feel frustrated that you are. 
  • Organization and Happy Inside. A common theme running through HOTI Membership is creativity and this will allow you a pick up when you feel down in the dumps. There will be organizational reminders with guidance on how to live with more happy inside.
  • Save money. You will get discounts on future products and course. You will grow yourself creatively and figure out what makes you feel fulfilled which equates to both saving money and growing wealth at the same time. 


” You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


“Every once in awhile you make a decision that changes the trajectory of your life.  Deciding to work with Renee was one of those key moments for me.  When I met Renee I was emerging from a two-year fog of grieving from a failed marriage and was suffering from burnout related to trying to save a distressed business venture.  I had taken a good, long look at myself and realized there were a lot of areas I wanted to work on – e.g. career, relationships, health, self-image, body image, financial issues – but wasn’t sure how to move forward. I knew I could not adequately deal with it on my own…that was how I got in this mess in the first place!

Over past several months Renee and I have explored these issues and many others.  With Renee’s patient, loving guidance I’ve been able to get really honest about the complex web of self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors I was employing that prevented me from living the life I wanted to live – one full of love, joy and meaning.

 You can tell she really, truly is invested in your growth and is there to support you where you want it and need it.”    

– Heather Grisham

Renee helped me in so many ways with my life. My marriage, my health, and my outlook on life are better than ever because of Renee. I no longer have painful joints and thyroid symptoms. My acne was out of control and now clearer than ever.   My husband and I are better than ever.  I feel healthy not only with my body but my mental state. Life is beautiful in so many ways but, Renee helped get me to that place where I can look at my life and know its just as beautiful! Thanks again Renee

– Jen Bonkowski




Don’t wait! Step into Happy On The Inside Membership now.


Let community in.
Be yourself.
Make this your happiest year to date.
Say yes!


Monthly Subscription

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For $79/month you’ll get access to the HOTI Membership Site, The HOTI Forum and LIVE monthly access with Renee.

*you can cancel anytime 

Annual Subscription

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Refund Policy: You have 30 days to try out HOTI Membership. If you feel that it’s just not for you we’re happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase only.

Annual Subscription + One-On-One Intuitive Awakening Session w/ Renee

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