Have you felt yourself wanting to take more action on your health, your body or your soul growth but you just haven’t stepped up in the way you want to?  It’s like that irritated and hungry bear coming out of hibernation… his joints are stiff, he’s hungry, sluggish and a little reluctant to take action.

Today I am going to share with you some tips to nourish your body and soul going into spring so you can feel that bright glow and energy that this season stands for and most importantly do it with grace, comfort and smiles.

The dominance of darkness is part of winter. We hibernate more and it’s completely natural to allow yourself to dig in to your feelings more, stay in your house, crave and eat more fatty foods. That darkness and cold weather sometimes mirrors these dark and cold emotions that pop up within us.  As the cold is wrapping up, give yourself permission to go at your pace and to follow the pace of the season as it changes.

Too often we resist the pace of our body and the season and we end up fighting against the natural rhythm. When this happens, you’ll find that you’ll be under more stress and that makes you much more likely to store fat in your cells.

In the winter, most things die and then with spring, life springs forth from that death. For you it is the same. For me, something always dies inside me during the winter and I’ve learned to embrace this and let that old pattern go that no longer serves me.

Now that spring is here, you get a chance to begin again with intense passion. Those buds that spring up from the ground this time of year or the birds that break into song despite the lower temperatures step forth regardless of how tough it is.

In Ayurveda, there are dosha’s and we tend to have excess of the kapha dosha in the winter and it’s time shed this. Kapha can make us bloated, tired, depressed, sleepy, heavier, sluggish or bring up phlegm and sinus stuff.

Take these actions today.

1) Eat lighter foods and more fermented foods right now. You must rev up your digestion and detox your body.

2) Step forward and do it anyway.  Sometimes we think that we must “feel like going to work out” but in my experience that doesn’t always happen.  I go anyway and mostly I don’t feel like it at first. So I step forward with action and then the good feelings follow later.

3) Breathing.  Most of us breathe wrong and if you knew the benefits, it would be your biggest focus. Meditation and good breathing is imperative right now. More on this in a future blog.

4) Water. I drink so much water, I almost float away sometimes and it’s key to everything working great. Be a little obsessive with your water drinking right now.

5) Clutter holds you back and you must make space for you. Look around you. What you see is a reflection of your life.

Most importantly, step into this all with ease and a goal to follow the rythm of YOU and this season. Don’t make the above actions another “to-do” that you may never get to. The key to spring is to play with the rhythm of life.


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