Intuitive Health Awakening

Your departure from fear to freedom is right around the corner. Let me show you how.

I scan your body in a one-on-one phone or Skype session and give you a clear action plan intuitively customized just for you on what you need for your physical and nutritional self moving forward.

We all have a story.

There comes a time when we get clear that it is time to change that story.

Intuitive Health Awakening

Here is what I see: there are far too many of us doubting and not trusting ourselves.

Do you trust yourself?

Is this you?

You are someone who is a perfectionist or who sets extreme, lofty goals and you feel obsessive or addictive with food or body. You want to intuitively know how to eat and make good choices about your food.

You feel like you cannot relax. You may experience anxiety, get stuck in your head and thoughts and think constantly about what to eat, judge your food choices and perhaps notice that your relationships might be struggling a bit. 

You know that your relationship to food and body is holding you back and you want to lead or help others but you’re secretly struggling yourself and you know you need a change.

You are sick of battling in your head, feeling addictive or obsessive and want so badly to live fulfilled, authentic and clear.

You are someone who thinks you don’t have enough willpower. The reality is that the “lack of willpower” you believe you do not possess puts you into constant competition and separation with Self instead of connected while understanding how to grow from within.

I hear my clients say things like, “I know I should be doing this” or “I am not there yet, I feel so behind” or “I know what to do, but I’m just not doing it”.

The root problems:

We’re not trusting ourself…

We’re disconnected from our intuition about what to eat, our food choices and how to take care of our own body.  The consequence of that lack of trust is that we then begin to look outside of ourselves for all of the answers.

We look to others for the answers…

We hire dozens of people who we think have all the answers for us. We look to money, new things, relationships, plates of food and bowls of ice cream to give us the answers we need. We look to the numbers on the scale, magazine covers, social media and google searches to give us the identity that we think we are supposed to fit into. We look to work and relationships, perfect diets and specialized meal plans to fill that void and numb us when the food, chips, wine or sugar just won’t work.

We end up feeling disconnected and shut off from ourself…

We don’t know who we are, we use food to numb and feel separate from our body and others. We feel secretive.

If your food is out balance then your life has got to be out of balance.

I have news for you!

The answers don’t come from the outside! The answers you seek are sourced internally… they come from your own intuition and an interdependent relationship with self. They come from you learning to trust yourself once and for all.

Dinah-Carter-265x300“Clearly having a relationship with a life coach is in the priceless category.

Renee, has made some permanent changes in me that I can’t even put a price on. It is important to be purposeful with my thoughts and to speak up and to use my voice. There are just so many things… You can’t even put a dollar value on it. When you look back, how do you even ever put a dollar value on something that made you a wiser, happier, freer person? How do you? It’s like somebody comes along and let’s you out of your… Unties you from the chair you are bound to”     ~ Dinah Carter

This session is called an Intuitive Health Awakening Session and it will provide clarity and a plan for your nutrition and eating and what your body needs.

  • You’ll know when you depart from fear to freedom because you’ll stop figuring out HOW TO EAT and you’ll start LIVING.

  • You’ll let go of control and the fear that you need to be good or the fear that you might be bad or get into trouble.

  • You will trust and LIVE your life in alignment.

This is for you if:

  • You feel crazy with food and life and you’re looking to get grounded with an intuitive session and a really great plan.
  • You want to know what it’s like to coach with me for a session or three and you’re not ready to commit to long term coaching.
  • You want to learn how to trust yourself and be guided from the inside.
  • You need the tools to overcome your sugar obsession or food addiction and you need someone to focus on your health with you.
  • You want more information on your body type and cravings.
  • You want to be able to take action on what your body and soul has been trying to tell you lately.
  • You want to live a life you love.

acho-pic“I let my CPA do my taxes, and I go to my mechanic to get my car fixed. When I need expertise on something I rely on experts who have the tools to help people and have proven that time and time again.  If you’re serious about eliminating or reducing your sugar intake, Renee will get you on track.  I successfully reduced my sugar cravings and am living a healthier lifestyle without feeling like I’m missing out on anything, thanks to a couple short consulting sessions and brief program customized for me by Renee”      ~ Steve Acho

The ability for your body and mind to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Food is fuel. Not therapy. 

Food becomes your fuel instead of living each day for your next meal or using food or sweets as constant rewards for good or bad behavior.

A relationships job is not to fulfill us and our sense of safety.  

If you are having issues with how you relate to food and your body, then you are likely having issues with how you are connecting in your relationships with others.

Losing weight is not your life purpose.

Learn to be you. The real you and get in touch with that person who feels free!

Your intuition is your best superpower when you learn to trust yourself.

You trust yourself and know how to take action on what your intuition is telling you. You are living a life you love.

Your intuition is stronger than your willpower.

You will learn the distinct difference between soul powered changes and willpower change.

For more information on this and a complete body scan that unveils your next action steps so you can go from fear to freedom, I have something special for you:

Intuitive Health Awakening Session with Renee. 

What’s included?

  • You’ll send me a detailed intake form so I can use your health history to better guide you. (If you have recent blood work, I will take a look at that too).
  • It’s going to be an interactive one-on-one session (1 or 3 session plans are available) via phone or skype.
  • It will be a sacred, trusted space just between you and I.
  • You must be open to getting help and ready to be honest with yourself.
  • You’ll get a concrete and personalized 3 step plan from me.
  • You’ll have access to my wisdom and intuition focused 100% on you and your body.
  • You will know your Ayurvedic Dosha and how to support your unique body.
  • You will learn your biggest challenge and what you need to overcome it.
  • I will give you additional recommendations beyond nutrition, unique to your life.

So if you feel crazy with food and life and you’re looking for grounded intuitive scan of your life and body and a really good plan to follow, then claim your spot below.

Note: I only have a handful of openings per month and my calendar fills quickly.


First, choose below, either one session with me or a package of three, just click the blue button:

IMG_4225            IMG_4226 2Next, you’ll make your investment right here on our secure website and then immediately get access via email to your intake forms to fill out prior to your first session so I can get to know you.

Be sure to save our email address so it doesn’t end up in your spam.

After you finish your intake forms, you’ll pick a time on my calendar for your first session. You’ll have the option to choose either a phone or Skype conversation with me.

During our session(s) together:

  • Show up on time, free of distractions and as comfortable as you can be.
  • My job is to hold a space for our session(s) that makes you feel perfectly okay with being exactly who you are.
  • There is no judgement here, be prepared to be open and honest – I can help you more this way.
  • We’ll spend 60 minutes together but plan on 75 minutes so you have extra time if needed.
  • You’ll get a recording + a page of notes from me including action steps and ideas from our session, personalized just for you.
  • You may get the option, with an invitation, to do long-term coaching, a short term group program or nothing at all.  Sometimes, all we need is one session and sometimes we need more.
  • Post session: You create your reality. Your job is to take action now. If you need more support, accountability or stretch, reach out to me. I’ve got your back. (If you already know you longterm coaching, click here)


  • You learn your next steps to rise up, balance and heal.
  • You figure out the missing puzzle piece to your health.
  • You take the dark place you’re in and you figure out how to plant your roots and begin again.
  • You finally see that acceptance of everything about yourself (yes, even the cobwebs, struggles, ugliness) is part of that full acceptance and you own it.
  • You leave your session(s) with a vision for yourself and the steps to follow through on it.

IMG_0106What does it mean to be intuitive? 

We all have access to this intuition.

I’m intuitive and so are you! Perhaps you don’t know it yet… You can learn about your intuition by growing your self esteem, wisdom, self care and by recognizing patterns.

I’m not special or psychic. I am extremely good at what I do and helping others in this way is a superpower of mine.  I’ve been doing it for over a decade and I can see you… I can see through to what you need to know to move forward with freedom. 

Intuitive Health Awakening

Heather_big“Every once in a while you make a decision that changes the trajectory of your life. Deciding to work with Renee was one of those key moments for me.  

When I met Renee I was emerging from a two-year fog of grieving from a failed marriage and was suffering from burnout related to trying to save a distressed business venture.  I had taken a good, long look at myself and realized there were a lot of areas I wanted to work on – e.g. career, relationships, health, self-image, body image, financial issues – but wasn’t sure how to move forward. I knew I could not adequately deal with it on my own…that was how I got in this mess in the first place!

Through my work with Renee I have steadily grown in my self-confidence and she has helped me discover, appreciate and value the unique parts of me.  She has given me hope and I am forever grateful.

Renee draws upon a wide range of tools, disciplines and techniques to help you work on what it is you are seeking to change and improve in your life.  You can tell she really, truly is invested in your growth and is there to support you where you want it and need it.”    ~ Heather Grisham

I only have room in my schedule right now for a handful of these sessions per month, my calendar books quickly. Reserve your spot now with your choice below:

IMG_4225IMG_4226 2

leslie c pic“Renee is exactly the kind of coach I needed while I was struggling with my health and expanding my business, because she is an expert in both areas.  I appreciate how kind and loving she could be while still being firm and pushing me forward to my goals”      Leslie Cirinesi, Advanced Energy Therapy