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Love yourself, your life and be happy inside in 90 days.

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Do You Silently Shame Yourself for Not Being Perfect Enough?

Are you quietly suffering inside with a smile on the outside? There is an epidemic with many people not feeling happy unless they are sad. The lack of self love, self esteem and self worth are part of this epidemic.  

The real epidemic is our own overwhelm, our lack of happiness inside, our addictions and that we are not loving ourselves. It's causing stress … the kind that is toxic to our body, soul and mind.  

Love Your Life® Academy was created to serve as the first step towards a solution. This 3 month online academy program is designed to teach you strategic practices, that will empower you to take the first steps towards loving yourself and your life while learning to be happy on the inside.

“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with ‘their’ freedom” - Bob Dylan

There are 3 dimensions to everyone’s life: mental, physical and emotional

This program was built so we can address these three areas in the next 3 months. I created a group coaching process that allows for support, structure and community. It shows you how to love yourself and your life.  


a sense of purpose, mindset, habits, magnify your strengths and adopt resilience.


how to feed yourself, nutrition, how you feel in your body, how you move and how you breathe


self love so you can take a look at how you care for yourself, show up in relationships and with money, food, work and exercise

We must look at ALL or we will keep on spinning in circles and patterns that do not serve us.

Now that we've outlined the cultural epidemic we are currently facing in the video above, let's take a look at the benefits of Love Your Life® Academy, by clicking the button below.


Meet Renee Jayne

Founder of Love Yourself Naked® and the Creator of Love Your Life® Academy

Renee Jayne is a cultural change maker and holistic healing practitioner. She's the catalyst emowering people to cultivate and create what they want in terms of their health, relationships and life as whole. 

For the past 16 years, she's worked as an entrepreneur, and in the marketing and management fields. A perpetual student, she holds dual degrees in Marketing/Management and in holistic nutrition. 

Renee has worked in sales, public relations, holistic healing - as a health practitioner + life coach. She's a consultant, public speaker, teacher and has been a proud mother for the past 8 years. 

At her core, she's deep, philosophical and a writer-lover-healer. 

People are drawn to share their stories with her. Over the past 8 years, she's seen and heard so much that following the cultural norms, simply talking about the cultural epidemic we are facing wasn't enough. She felt the responsibility to keep talking about it but, more part of the solution. 

Love Your Life® Academy was created to do just that.

Through her programs, membership site, and one on one coaching, Renee supports people to improve their life, health, body and relationships. It's the practice of loving + nourishing yourself and being happy on the inside that will shift your current state of being and quality of life to one that is fullfiling and poitively impacts those around you.  

Your entire life can be created based on your commitments, values and rooted in worth, rather than living a life that is at odds with your truth.  



LYLA is a 90 day online program that guides you each month through 3 distinct areas of growth so that you can live without toxic stress, overwhelm and anxiety and instead with joy, purpose and harmony in your body and mind. 

Over the course of 90 Days you will:

#1 Feel

You will feel different about depression, anxiety, and more excitement during the joyful and happy moments. Your relationships will evolve and grow.

#2 Heal

You will bring your body and health back into harmony and balance. You’ll feel more confidence with food, consumption and taking care of your needs.

#3 Discover

You will discover a sense of purpose or magnify the one you already have. You will develop your emotional language and watch how your mental health reveals your human superpowers.

#4 Evolve

You will adopt resilience with a trust and esteem that you can keep going with confidence as you watch your life evolve as you do.

Change is the only constant in life and change can be scary.


Life is Beautiful!

“Renee helped me in so many ways with my life. My marriage, my health, and my outlook on life are better than ever because of Renee. I no longer have painful joints and thyroid symptoms. My acne was out of control and now clearer than ever. My husband and I are better than ever. I feel healthy not only with my body but my mental state. Life is beautiful in so many ways but, Renee helped get me to that place where I can look at my life and know it's just as beautiful!!”  

Jen B


Amazing advice.

"Having a relationship with Renee is in the priceless category."  

Dinah C

The question is: will you use your precious time trying to “find yourself” when you could be investing your time creating yourself?

The choice is up to you!

 The value of this program is in excess of $4000.  

We are committed to making this program as accessible as possible, and for that reason have priced the program at $1800 with payment plans available.  

***And if you’re interested in being one of the ten dynamic activist/leaders to receive weekly individual coaching from Renee for the duration of the program, your investment will be $4500, again with a payment plan available. These slots are first come, first serve and we will close registration for private coaching in conjunction with LYLA as soon as these slots fill. 

Please note that your investment in the program is non-refundable. We trust you to make the right decision for yourself in alignment with your finances, availability and level of interest. 


So much value in one place!

“Every once in awhile you make a decision that changes the trajectory of your life. Deciding to work with Renee was one of those key moments for me. Through my work with Renee I have steadily grown in my self-confidence and she has helped me discover, appreciate and value the unique parts of me. She has given me hope and I am forever grateful.” 

Heather G


Amazing advice.

“I was addicted to pain pills and this program helped me change that.”

Rob W

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Love Your Life® Academy


Love yourself, your life and be happy inside in 90 days