Naked Nutrition – 14 Essential Lessons

Recently, I saw this post on Facebook, it said:

Take a look…Woman practicing yoga on the beach

* at your schedule
* at your body
* at your relationships
* at your income
* at your savings
* at your peace of mind
* at the cleanliness of your surroundings
* at EVERYTHING about you…

Now smile and say “THIS is what I’ve committed my life to having!

Rewarding practice, isn’t it!

I loved this because it forces you to get NAKED with all aspects of your life. You have no choice but to look in the mirror and take responsibility for everything in your life right now. For some, that’s hard and for others, you’re ready for the challenge.. No guilt, no “I wish I would have” or feeling sorry for yourself… instead, gratitude for exactly where you are at. Like it or not, be grateful for it. You can always begin again today or up level what you already love.

“Our body is the covering made of food”

In other words, your body is a mere reflection of your life. Your health is a by-product of your environment.

Never mind the nutrition education that I’ve spent hundreds of thousands on or the thousands of hours seeing clients… this naked nutrition philosophy I’m about to share with you comes from the very close relationship I’ve developed with my own body, soul and self. I’ve failed over and over again and my history comes from being so unhealthy and sick that I had no choice but to find a new path. I hope these ideas are a catalyst for you in some way.

1. Food sensitivities are the real deal.  There are experts that estimate 20 million Americans suffer from some kind of gluten issue.  It’s not just a fad. However, this is no excuse to go into a processed gluten free frenzy at the store. Likely what you need is more of everything that does not come in a box versus another box with a gluten free label on it.

2. The truth about fat.  Stop eating low fat.  Your body needs good fat to burn fat. Eat more nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, ghee.

3. I’m so sick and tired of calories, how about you?  Calories do not have anything to do with the amount of weight you lose. It’s so silly to even have the conversation and to count calories. Please stop. Your body handles processed and unprocessed foods differently and the game is about energy and nutrients and counting your calories are a not a stable measurement.

4. Genes (not the skinny one’s). I like that we’ve studied a bunch about nutrigenomics in the last decade.  This science has shown us that many types of cancers, heart disease, cholesterol and other chronic diseases can be prevented and changed with diet. For many of us, we no longer are stuck with the same things our parents and grandparents had before us. We have different choices.

5. Our bodies don’t really want us to shed the weight.  You see, many of us have actually changed our hormones in our brains and the body is constantly striving for an equilibrium and after a while when our brain hormones that tell us to eat more start getting confused, so do we. There is good news, you can outsmart and heal your hormones.

6. We are eating WAY TOO MUCH sugar.  I am sad to say that most everyone I have ever worked with (including myself) has a major issue with sugar. The problem is that most of us don’t know it.  We’re walking around with dozens of symptoms and the excess sugar, carbs, soda’s and packaged foods are the root cause.  Remember the average American eats 28 teaspoons per day because the added sugars to packaged foods and condiments has increased so greatly too. Even if you don’t think you have a sugar problem, you likely do.

7. Our biggest problem is lack of energy and toxins.  Some of our cells are screaming at us… give us more oxygen and water and energy! When our cells are not flowing properly then we lack energy and many of us grab sugar, caffeine or energy drinks to get more. This is short lived thinking and fake energy. It’s also making things worse. We must open up circulation and get rid of toxins that are putting a damper on our digestion and cells.

8. We really need more Vitamin D than we’re taking. It’s pretty impossible to get enough vitamin D from foods and unless you live in a sunshine state regularly you are likely lacking. 3000-4000 IUs is what I take during winter months every single day. Pick up a dropper bottle of Carlson’s Vitamin D3.

9. Reminder about BPA, GMO, HFCS, MSG, all artificial sweeteners and any other acronym you hear or see often. A growing number of science research shows that about 93% of us has BPA in our bodies and it causes weight gain, hormonal issues and brain issues. We know GMO’s are foreign and HFCS changes our brain and, causes heart disease and makes us fat. I could go on, but it’s really quite simple.  Eat real food from real plates. Drink real water from a glass and avoid anything that comes in a box as much as you possibly can. It doesn’t serve you to live in fear about this stuff. Simply be aware and do your best.

10. Cholesterol stuff. Sugar is what increases our cholesterol most. It’s not the eggs you consume or the red meat. I’m not telling you to load on the scrambled eggs and steak but instead, I’m suggesting you go sugar free for a bit and then watch your bad cholesterol numbers shrink.

11. Receiving nutrients. So many of us live on too many supplements and meds. I think these harm us when we don’t know what we are doing. It is true, however that our soil is depleted in many areas so we aren’t getting the nutrients from foods that we require. Know this… supplements do not replace foods. Most people are sick because they are lacking in essential nutrients that we can get from eating more vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and proteins. Dehydration is a big reason why many are hospitalized these days. Nourish your body with the most amazing fuel.

12. Changing your mind.  It has been said that the underlying thought pattern of sickness is this: “I don’t deserve to be loved”.  In order to heal your body, you must heal your mind.

13. Relationship with time.  I’ve come to realize that many of us have lost respect for time. We lack boundaries and the technology culture we live in doesn’t help but it is our choice to not become slaves to it.

14. Know your addictions.  To quote Karla McLaren, “Many of us learn to press on in the face of such trouble. We find a way to cope  – not to flourish, not soar, no enjoy and embrace, just flat-out cope. Most of us turn to some form of dissociative practice, whether it’s avoidance of the trouble, distraction from the trouble or addiction to a substance that separates us from the trouble.”  I love this quote. In our culture, many of us would rather eat, drink caffeine, soda, shop till we drop, numb out to games on our phone, social media, television, computer, drugs, alcohol, work or other people than we would stand at the center of our naked selves and see, touch, listen and feel.

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Okay, now go get naked with your nutrition!





  1. Sensual Hippie retreats? Now that just sounds FUN! :)

    Great info, Renee. I would add mindfulness and presence when it comes to eating. I try to remember to always SIT when I eat, and take a few calming breaths before the first bite (and between). Eating in a sense of calm improves digestion and nutrient assimilation. I’m a work in progress, myself, but this has been my primary goal lately and it’s really helped. 😉

    Love to you!

    • Renee Heigel says:

      Yes 😉 Really excited about the retreats and cannot wait to share! Yes also to the mindfulness. As I wrote that list, I actually had like 25 different things… and I realized that there will need to be a part two that is much more spiritual 😉 Love back, sister!!

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