One-on-one coaching

Are you someone who is on autopilot and you’ve forgotten who you are or how to take care of your body in the way it deserves?

Perhaps it’s impacting your relationships or career and it’s hard to even admit that but you know it might be true. Maybe you are happy in your relationship but you feel like something is missing in your life and you want so much more.  Maybe you want to up your health game or you’re hungry for change and to see what’s possible and then learn to live it?

These days I only have room to work with 4, maybe 5 private clients at one time and the stories about how these incredible people show up in my life (and I show up in theirs) are all so unique and amazing.


Once, I was in New York City, at a comedy club over on 23rd street in Chelsea. I happened to sit next to someone who later became a client.  Many people have been referred to me by word-of-mouth, by doctors, health practitioners, friends, family or from past clients.
One incredible person, I met while on a trip in Hawaii and another person I bumped into on the street that recognized me from a talk I gave years prior. There are now 7 years of stories with incredible people I could share with you.

pascale kavanaugh

 “I have a coach who walks the talk!

Renee has been an invaluable resource in guiding me through relationship troubles, unknown business territories and seeing myself as strong and capable”

– Pascale K. 

jen-bonkowski “Renee helped me in so many ways with my life. My marriage, my health, and my outlook on life are better than ever because of Renee.

I no longer have painful joints and thyroid symptoms. My acne was out of control and now clearer than ever.   My husband and I are better than ever.  I feel healthy not only with my body but my mental state. Life is beautiful in so many ways but, Renee helped get me to that place where I can look at my life and know its just as beautiful!! Thanks again Renee”

– Jen Bonkowski

I read once that there is a one in a trillion chance that we are born and end up here on earth…

So I consider it a miracle to meet someone only to get the opportunity to really know them and see them… to see their soul. I get to lead them to a place where they can better attract a more fulfilling relationship or life partner or to lose weight or have more sex or figure out their life purpose or to heal their relationship with their body.

It’s an honor I take very seriously.

Our coaching together will be based on these 4 tenets:


When you grow your SELF, you elevate your power to help others. For growth to happen, you must be clear on your desires and have the habits and accountability in place to live that desire. Growth can birthed through joy and pain. Through our coaching, you will see growing as a stripping away.

We stop becoming everything we thought we needed to be and instead discover the Self that has always been there. Real growth is the whole picture. The naked, vulnerable Self is where our strength to grow lives.


Happiness is a biproduct and not the actually destination. We will focus on your behavior and habits because through these you’ll engage in harmony. I don’t believe in the word “balance” because it’s binary, it’s constantly shifting back and forth, making it hard, perhaps impossible, to aim towards the goal and succeed. Harmony is saying that your life has dozens of components (entrepreneur, lover, parent, friend, family member, sexual being, spiritual being, servant to others, creative, business person etc) and that each aspect of yourself is important.

Who you are has so many limbs, like a tree standing and deeply rooted with all of its limbs and branches blowing in the breeze. So you must take all of those limbs of your Self and set the tone that brings about satisfaction. I will help you to do this. This brings harmony to your entire life.

If we are seeking balance with only a select few at a time and we forget about the Self, you will always be struggling to keep up and constantly seeking balance.

Emotional and Mindfulness 

Here you’ll master personal awareness and allow all of our emotions and aspects of self to be valid. You will see the entire picture and learn the algorithms needed to feel connected to your goals, desires and life right now.  You will learn the mindful practices as well as shift your state of mind so you own the power of attention. You begin the habit necessary to see through the goals you have set.

Productive Attention

The power of your attention, follow through and being your word with yourself is a tenant of self esteem, trust, intimacy and confidence. When you have the right tools, systems and strategies in place with life, business, nutrition, relationships and you are following through with leadership, everything begins to work. You gain traction and finally break through the ceilings in your way.

img_0099Private coaching with me includes:

  • We follow a clear structure – we don’t go at my pace, but the pace that you set for yourself with my guidance.
  • We work on a month to month cycle, although I recommend you mentally commit to a minimum of 6 months for the best benefit to you.
  • Personal attention from me during and between our sessions – I got you and I see you. You’ll have my cell number and access to a private space for us to share with each other.
  • Step by step and structured plans on how to achieve your goals (which we establish before we start)
  • How to take action on what you want in your daily life (the life you lead in between our sessions)
  • Accountability so you do what you say you are going to do and learn to trust yourself.

I currently have a handful of spots open for ambitious people who want the highest level of transformation and results for their life.

Are you ready for big change?

Then fill out an application to see if we may be a fit for each other here.

dinah-carter-265x300Clearly having a relationship with a life coach is in the priceless category.

Renee, has made some permanent changes in me that I can’t even put a price on. It is important to be purposeful with my thoughts and to speak up and to use my voice. There are just so many things… You can’t even put a dollar value on it. When you look back, how do you even ever put a dollar value on something that made you a wiser, happier, freer person? How do you? It’s like somebody comes along and let’s you out of your… Unties you from the chair you are bound to.
-Dinah C.

You’ll get:

  • Meditations and Challenge Exercises
  • Emotional release and limiting belief exercises to help you shift your mindset and grow your emotional intelligence.
  • I give you access to my cleanse and detox programs that include meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.
  • You will learn the state of mind that you’ll need to rewire your brain, improve upon your relationships and yourself.
  • Tools that teach you how to get clear on what you really want and what makes you unique.
  • I also record our sessions so you can always listen to the goodness that transpires during our time together.
  • You’ll also get access to community online calls and a community forum with incredible people.

How it works:

  • We’ll meet either over Skype or Phone. I rarely meet clients in person anymore, but it’s always a possibility based on timing, needs and our locations.
  • We’ll either meet weekly or bi weekly based on what is best for your situation.
  • This coaching works on a monthly retainer and for a minimum of 6 months.
  • I insist on the utmost integrity and privacy.
  • Clients are chosen very carefully.  I do not work with just anyone.
  • You’ll have access to a membership site and an online private space just between you and I where I’ll post your notes, call recordings, action steps and resources.

The Process:

  • First, you’ll fill out an application (click here)
  • After I read your application and it appears that we may be a fit to work together, I will have my assistant reach out to you to schedule you into my calendar so we can talk on the phone.
  • Next, on the phone (or skype) we’ll have an interview process where I get to know you, listen to you and what you have going on. We’ll make a decision on that phone call.  If it’s a mutual YES, then we’ll set a date for our first session together.
  • Finally, you’ll sign up on my secure website and I will send you an enrollment form and a sweet little bonus that clients love so you can start right away as you await our first session together.
  • NOTE: If I have a waiting list at the time you submit your application, we will let you know that when we receive the application and then we’ll also contact you when a spot opens up so we can have an interview call together.

When I have open spots they do fill fast.

I am clear on why I am here to help the world and if we happen to be a good fit and you decide to invest in yourself, this will change your life. I look forward to potentially getting to know you.

Apply here.

Take action now if you feel called.



darrin-mertz“I had originally reached out to Renee for coaching around my diet and to increase my energy level. Little did I know at the time that I was embarking on a transformational journey that would be very impactful on many different levels (physical, mental, spiritual).

Renee effectively called on her wealth of knowledge and insights to develop specific plans to support my goals, some goals I was not even aware of when we started. I felt as if Renee was 100% vested in my success, always available, held me accountable, and provided many tools, recommendations and insights along the way. I had new level of happiness, a clear understanding of my core values/desires and yes, a much higher level of energy with an improved diet, and I do now “love myself naked.”

 – Darrin M.