This letter is to any woman who is offended by the idea of “loving yourself naked”.

Some people may think things like…

‘Is that porn?’

‘You can’t say that name on TV…’

‘You really must change that name.’

‘You don’t have the right to talk about loving your body because you’re skinny.’

The eye roll… The energy shift… The woman taking a judgmental step back from me as I share the name “love yourself naked”.


First, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been one of my best teachers of late.

I know the importance of communicating my message with women who don’t agree with me or understand my perspective because this is how I grow. It empowers me to understand and help even more women and men.

I’m going to get directly to the point. There is nothing wrong with the human body.

I have an attitude toward life in which the naked body should not bear reason for shame no matter what size, shape or unique qualities it has.

When you feel a particular disconnection and criticism to your body then you are setting up your body on a path towards disease and your mind toward unhappiness.  There are endless scientific articles that prove how negative emotions harm the body.

Maybe you like your body, but you just don’t want to talk about it out loud.

This word “NAKED” triggers you… you have been caught in the cultural norm that naked is directly connected to porn, sex, perfectionism or what the media portrays of women.

You are completely free to have this reaction. I do want to explain, however, what you may be doing when you have it…

You may be directly feeding into that which praises perfectionism and treats women as sexual objects…  versus taking a stand against it.

You clearly do not know what I mean by loving yourself naked.

I don’t guide women to walk down the streets and take their clothes off… Far from it.

Instead, I guide them to walk down the streets and take their masks off…

I teach them to strip down the layers of shame and fear that they have been wearing around for years.  Those emotions that keep them separate from everyone else… while they judge and criticize others as well as themselves.

People bury shame when they don’t share it and it eats them alive.

You may think that food, exercise, work, money, designer clothes, promotions, recognition and Botox will fill up what you are hungry for.  These things may work for a little while. However, the masks you wear keep you hiding, and eventually you’ll need to deal with the real issue.

I’m all for modesty and respect for women and I’m also a stand for a woman owning her femininity and her creative, authentic self.

The most “naked” a woman can get is to bare her soul and get really authentic and honest with herself.  She certainly doesn’t need to take her clothes off to do that.

Oh and I know… this is scary work. It’s hard too, it’s the most challenging work I’ve ever done in my life and my clients will tell you the same but they will also tell you that their lives have been completely transformed. They will tell you that getting spiritually naked has been life changing for their relationships, their body image and their health.

Nope, not because of me, but because they have realized that the true connection to health is a path to get more naked and clean with their food choices and more naked with who they are as a woman in the body they have.

What is a woman who loves herself naked?

She is someone who has chosen the path of authenticity, and even though a challenging road at times, she’s decided to take off her masks one by one for as long as it takes to feel whole and one with her beautiful naked body.

Believe me, it’s much easier to hide “in security” behind the curtain versus step into authentically relating in the world.  It’s much easier to stick with playing it safe and choosing NOT to talk about a woman’s naked body.

But if you do that there will be shame behind your eyes when I look deeply into them. You won’t make sincere and lasting eye contact with me. You are not fully listening to me when I speak… you are somewhere else. You’re in your head. Your mind is loud.

You may see your body as just taking up space.  You may even want to be in a different body altogether.   You feel disconnected from your body because you are running it into the ground day after day.

When you don’t respect your body, your body will not respect you.

Loving yourself naked is about a deep passionate respect for your body. Women often make a huge mistake when they sacrifice passion for safety.

A deeply passionate connection with your body is the best way for another person to be deeply passionate with it too.

They cannot give you what you will not give yourself.

Naked is your courage to be vulnerable.

You have a naked body like mine and your mothers and neighbors and friends.  It’s an embracing of everything that exists in front of you and within you.

Your body is not your enemy and ignoring it isn’t the solution.

I see a lot of women taking their clothes off in the media these days and that’s a choice they make.  I’m here to tell you though, that the work begins INSIDE.

“The outward is always a reflection of the inward.”

If you are outwardly proclaiming that you don’t like these words: “love yourself naked”… then you are reflecting that you don’t like your inward self either.

There is a part of you sleeping and staying behind the curtain in your life.

I get it, you’ve reminded me that not everyone is ready to step out from behind the curtain, and that is okay.

I’ll just use it as more fuel for me to know that I am in moving in the right direction…

One where I help as many people as possible love themselves naked.

With love, Renee

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