Discover how to tap into your persistence and not give up with health, weight loss, life goals and relationships. In this video, Renee Heigel, Holistic Health Coach shares REAL actionable tips you take when overcoming obstacles to get you more self confidence and willpower so you can get the results you want through holistic nutrition. Use this video as a catalyst to help you surrender to your current circumstance so you can finally move forward and get the results you desire.


It takes real ambition to do what you do every day in your life {Big High-Fives}.

Today’s message is about that vigor you have deep within.

I know you don’t want to give up on your goals and dreams and here is a gentle nudge to get

you back in the game.

As I type this, I’ve had my vigor tested. I’ve really had to show my persistence and this time

my work ethic wasn’t enough to make things happen.

There are more big things launching and being birthed through Love Yourself Naked,

Local Nourish Flourish and personally than ever before. Our team is expanding, our clients

+ following growing and I’m learning more about what I can do to better serve you each day.

The programs you see below are life-changers and will impact hundreds…thousands…!

We don’t do anything alone. We all have a team behind us and I want you to watch this

video today over on the blog with that in mind. It’s a reminder that when you keep

persisting… especially when it’s the toughest and you think you are about to

fail…. That is when you are about to experience a big ole breakthrough!

These experiences shape us, mold us and remind us to love more and fear less.

There are people who have overcome and persevered through seemingly insurmountableĀ 

obstacles to achieve greatness by any standards.

They learned the power of persistance and now I share a similar message with you.

Head on over to the blog and leave me a comment so I know you stopped by and I can

help you to be “in it to win it”!



Last night to celebrate my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!), we made vanilla cupcakes

with chocolate frosting… So delicious. RECIPE BELOW.

PS… Thank you Elana’s Pantry for this awesome recipe… I actually bought her cookbook! Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting… No refined sugar! Renee Heigel is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and drugless practitioner who specializes in no diet weight loss, healthy travel and whole food cleansing and her signature program Love Yourself Nakedā„¢ and I Am A Health Road Warrior has helped hundreds throughout the US and Canada.