Are You Ready To Finally Achieve Radical Self Acceptance, Become Wildly Successful at Health, And Have The Experience Of A Lifetime?


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It’s Possible To Find Radical Self Acceptance While Losing Inches And Sticking To A Clean Way Of Eating…  For Good.

The Love Yourself Naked Retreat is a transformational event that brings together women who are driven to live wildly successful lives and have clean, healthy, happy bodies and minds.  We’re going to share brand new powerful trainings on the best weight loss, slim-down and radical self acceptance secrets. 

2014-03-20_22-08-17Hey lovely lady,

Do you frequently find yourself wishing you…

  • Had the motivation to cook easy, tasty, healthy meals (and do it regularly)?

  • Could find a way to eat healthy even when you’re stressed?

  • Had a special plan to keep you going when life get’s crazy and super busy?

So many people I talk to question whether or not it’s actually possible to live a healthy lifestyle long term and maintain radical self acceptance of themselves in the process.  (Especially when hormones and cravings kick in and you feel your commitment and willpower slipping away.)

You’ve probably heard millions of ideas and opinions and got a ton of “free advice” (usually worth about what you pay for it) and cookie-cutter plans that don’t work for you and now you’re more confused, frustrated and discouraged than ever.

I can completely relate to you and I understand.

If you’ve  been a struggling with your body, and now you have very little faith that you’ll ever hit those goals and stay there without quitting on yourself in the process, that’s okay…


Welcome To Love Yourself NakedThe Love Yourself Naked Retreat is limited to less than 55 spots creating the most warm and yet intimate experience.

This event will take place at the unique historic venue of Goldner Walsh on Orchard Lake Road in Oakland County, MI. We’ll be surrounded by 9 acres, including greenhouses, gardens, an outdoor fireplace and stunning greenery and flowers.

Begin the journey to transform yourself by learning how to de-stress and destroy the myths that have been keeping you from the body and wildly successful life waiting inside of you! Come and experience the Love Yourself Naked, one-day retreat with Renee Heigel, on Friday, June 20th.


 What is The Love Yourself Naked 1-Day Retreat Really Going To Be Like?

This will be a full day retreat including a luscious local whole foods luncheon with trainings, exercises, and surprise goodies throughout the day.  You’re going to join a community of high quality, like-minded women.  You’ll establish deep friendships, and become accountable to your body and your life…

Here’s More of What You’ll Receive:

  • A luscious local whole foods luncheon
  • The Love Yourself Naked system for losing 10 pounds in 18 days
  • Get in touch with your sensuality and find out how living like a “sensual hippie” helps you increase your body confidence.
  • Mindset shifts at the retreat to show you how to have radical self acceptance of your body
  • Find your passion and purpose while going through custom exercises
  • How to strip down your diet to clean foods and learn to want to to stick to it when you are stressed and emotional.
  • Weight loss secrets to lose inches and sustain a lifestyle of health.
  • Live cooking presentation with master gardener, organic farmer, and mother of six: Jean Smith
  • Quality feminine connections and deep sisterhood with like minded women
  • Stress relieving tools you can use for the rest of your life
  • Learn the connection to farm fresh foods and overall health and happiness
  • A unique and wonderful opportunity to give back (Donations are going to The American Heart Association)
  • A healthy living template with teaching around cooking quick whole foods so you can integrate when back home
  • We’re going to have fun Surprises! (Just wait!)
  • Snacks and treats to arouse your senses throughout the day
  • You’ll rediscover your powerful creative feminine energy
  • You’ll learn age defying secrets so that you can look and feel younger 
  • Get to know incredible women who have similar values to you.
  • De-stress and and take a day of retreat with yourself. You deserve it.
Lisa-Topley-214x300I was able to stop the crazy obsessive diets, be comfortable in my own skin, feed my body to nurture myself, meet a man than is better than my wildest dreams, and now we’re engaged to be married and will start our family shortly after our marriage! When I finally learned to embrace who I am and be who I authentically am, I came to attract a man that is better than I prayed for and he absolutely is my American Dream!  – Lisa Topley, Bloomfield Hills

Connect with women, have an incredible luncheon and snacks throughout the day, learn life long techniques and strategies to change how you and your family live and eat forever…  All while supporting The American Heart Association.  Donations from the proceeds will be going to Go Red for Women.  So you have a unique opportunity to support a good cause as well.

Spots are limited, so make sure you reserve yours now…



1) You’ll learn how to lose inches and radically accept your body


Almost everything most women are taught about weight loss is a lie…

The reasons so many women cannot lose weight and the reasons so many women are gaining weight are backwards from what you’ve been taught. Women are looking outside of themselves for the acceptance of their bodies…

I’m going to show you my formula for how to make it happen for you with both stripping down the inches and loving where you are in the process.


 2) You’ll take life to a wildly successful level!

This retreat is designed to bring out the most authentic version of you and Renee will share her tools about sustaining health, happiness and growth. You might be brand new to this or a seasoned veteran or maybe you’re looking to raise your standards, this experience will meet you where you are at and teach you to do more and be more in a way that makes your lifestyle fun and in alignment with your core desires.


You can pick up any magazine and here a secret to success… but at Love Yourself Naked, we define “wildly successful” in a much different way.  That magazine is going to tell you that success lies outside of you… in the job promotion, the new home, the relationship, the skinny jeans and latest diet craze. I’m here to tell you that it’s actually NOT outside of you, it’s always Inside.  Not only will you connect with others, but you’ll also begin to see the mindset shifts, practices and release of limiting beliefs that have made the biggest impact for those people.

Love Yourself Naked focuses on 3 key pillars at the retreat:

  • Your Inner Game

  • Your Behaviors, Beliefs and Habits

  • Consciously Connecting 


3) You’ll broaden your social circle while impacting your health, wellness and vibrancy

woman “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

One of the best parts of a retreat is that it allows you immersion into a new practice and by doing this with a group of incredible women, the likelihood of you being profoundly impacted is extremely good.

Once you attend the Love Yourself Naked Retreat, you enter our tribe and we connect after the event through a unique facebook group to stay in touch.  When you put a group of women together, the ideas, goals, networking, health, tools and connection that can be birthed within YOU is mind blowing.


4) You’ll live it up in local utopia.

Goldner Walsh GreenhouseI believe that the environment is key to helping you get the most out of loving yourself naked and connecting to your body and to the people around you.  

A simple hotel conference room will not inspire the senses.  Instead, imagine being surrounded by a tropical greenhouse, acres of beautiful land, flowers, scents and floral smells, bright colors, fresh air and sunshine.  Imagine eating fresh foods that are prepared with grace and class and some of them grown and picked on site! All senses will be aroused while you spend the day with other fantastic women who are also opening up to the freedom and peace that only nature can provide.

So if you’ve needed a break and would like a little day off to rejuvenate yourself, you must register for the Love Yourself Naked Retreat. It will energize you instead of draining you. Think of it as a day-long vacation.


5) You’ll make a difference

go red dressLove Yourself Naked is more than a retreat or idea, it’s a movement. A movement for people all over, primarily women to love themselves from the inside out and the outside in.  A lot of people become inspired by this concept and go on to impact others.

For this reason, a portion of all proceeds from the event goes back into charity and this year we chose the American Heart Association- The Go Red For Women Campaign.   We know it’s it a great fit, not only because so many women are affected by heart disease, but also because the American Heart Association has been doing so much to create a movement of their own so they can impact individuals to have healthier lives.


6) You are going to have fun while creating life-changing shifts

iStock_Naked Woman

If you aren’t having fun, there is no point in continuing. Seriously. It’s the venue, the people, the teaching, the energy, the service… it’s everything, but know this… you will have fun!

Being comfortable in your own skin is our goal for you.

But more than that, we will be creating massive mindset shifts and new possibilities for your future.  These will be completely life changing.

7) You’ll be part of a once in a lifetime transformational event

The biggest shifts happen in groups of people and when you put women together for a common movement to love themselves more, incredible shifts take place.


Register Now For Love Yourself Naked Retreat.  (We have intentionally limited the event to less than 55 women, so claim your spot now.)


Are You One of Us?  If So…

  • You probably felt a “YES!!! in your body” when reading about this retreat… or maybe there was a certain sense of excitement and even hesitation of… could I really do this for myself?

  • You feel like forging deep friendships, accountability, community and sisterhood with like minded women will be key to helping you incorporate what you’ve learned about nurturing you and give you support along the way.

  • You are curious about feminine energy, understanding your sensuality and how it relates to weight loss, health, hormones and stress levels.

  • You often know what you are supposed to be doing but you just are not following through for long, you find yourself getting stuck and going back to your old ways.

  • You don’t have any experience in these things but you’re willing to take the “dare” and find out what it takes to truly love yourself naked.

  • You feel like you and I have a lot in common… we both appreciate excellent food, have high standards for taking care of ourselves, want to continue to grow and evolve while spending quality time with like-minded women in a beautiful setting.

  • You need to refresh and kick start your system and get a kick start back into a healthy practice of eating, exercise, self care, meditation and you can see that a 1-day immersion can help you get back to where you want to be.

Together with Renee, you’ll rediscover your powerful creative feminine energy, learn “on-point” meditations, and you have her promise of a day filled with motivation and life-changing transformation.


How Do I Register for the Love Yourself Naked 1-Day Retreat?

You deserve this! You do so much for everyone else, do something for you so you can give back fully to others!

The price entire retreat including live training, farm to table luncheon, and more is only: $230

 (the first 15 people to register will receive it at $187)

After You Purchase:

goldner walsh1

Step 1.

Register for the event by clicking here.

Step 2.

Take a moment to fill out the application form we send you after registration so Renee can get to know you better.

Step. 3.

You’ll receive information from us soon with more details, what to do to prepare and of course what to wear and bring with you.

Refund Policy:

Due to the size of our workshops and retreats, after June 8, refunds are not available once you’ve registered.

You may receive a transfer of your registration to another woman to have them go in your place with a minimum of 2 days notice before the retreat. Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to the event will not be eligible for a credit or transfer. All inquiries must be received through emailing Gretchen at

Out of town guests: Hotel and transportation is not included for this retreat. We do have a special hotel recommendation available with a special room rate for Love Yourself Naked guests. Please email Gretchen for more details at


Jean Smith2Special Guest: Jean Smith

Jean will be teaching us about cooking meals with organic and local ingredients and how to do it efficiently… As a mother of six children, organic farmer, master gardener, entrepreneur, speaker and free lance writer… there is no one better for this message. Jean has the most inspiring story and her passion and knowledge for food will leave quite the impression on you.


Begin the journey to transform yourself now:


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About Renee:

2014-03-20_22-08-17Renee Heigel, an enlightened life and nutritional coach and accomplished motivational speaker, knows firsthand the struggles women face when it comes to attaining healthy body image and overall wellness in today’s world.” My personal healthy lifestyle came about like a flower growing out of a rock at the top of a mountain says Heigel. “It was the least likely place you would see life and yet it found a way to bloom. I was super unhealthy, addicted to many things including sugar, fast food, soda, work and cigarettes. When the bottom fell out I was reaching for whatever I could find to help me. My body was still in pain, but I stumbled upon a ‘cleanse’ opportunity and that was the turning point that changed my life.”

With a dedication to the study of nutrition and wellness, Heigel is devoted to serving others in the quest to experience “radical acceptance” and healthy well being of mind, body and spirit. She has programs to achieve this such as: “Winning the Sugar Game; 18 Day Love Yourself Naked Challenge, as well as one-on-one and group coaching.