There are 4 ways we can partner together.

We work from the inside out.  Loving yourself, your life and being healthy is a practice of acknowledging truth in so many areas of your life, physically, emotionally and mentally. Each person is unique and in a different stage of their life. 

Wherever you begin, you will get me showing up for you and being in my truth.

Here are your options:

Work With Me

Healthy Life Breakthrough

In life, we all have bumps, detours & road blocks. This is a 45 minute focused breakthrough session to help you solve one issue in your life. 

Love Your Life Academy

We align your food, feelings and thoughts. Love yourself, your life and be happy inside in 90 days. Loving Your Life is a practice that acknowledges truth and grows self esteem and your relationship with your physical body… A deep dive into the food, feelings and thoughts. More health, harmony, peace and action.  A 3 month focused coaching academy with Renee. 

18 Day Cleanse Challenge

One Cleanse will change everything. With real food, holistic and Ayurvedic practices we support your departure from fear to freedom with your food and body in 18 days. Registration is open for self study. Group cleanse begins Fall 2017.

“This program has been much more than a diet plan, but really a symphony of the mind, spirit, body and balance with the environment that we live in and a great stepping stone into a healthy lifestyle for me. Much more important than the 11 lbs i lost during the cleanse, is what I have gained in the approach to loving myself and starting to put myself on my higher priority list”

– Dr. David Schindler, MD, Michigan

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