Morning Ritual That Will Change Your Life


Hello everyone! It's Renee Heigel here with and today I am chatting about one of my morning rituals that is imperative to shifting your self worth, inner game and self talk.  If you want to love yourself, your life and change your mindset, a morning ritual and regular practice is so necessary. I have personally learned the hard way from pressing the snooze button over and Continue Reading

Nothing is permanent: embracing change


I'm going to tell you some big news that's happening soon, but before I get to that, I want to share my birthday moment with you... It was actually the night before my birthday. I was curled up on the couch, finishing a movie on bears... a mama bear and her two cubs. In my cozy yoga pants, all wrapped up in a blanket and my pink journal by my side. My last night of being 34. I didn't want to go Continue Reading

Renee’s top 8 Healthy Eating Strategies


Renee's top 8 Healthy Eating Strategies I drink water as soon as I wake up and continue all day. If I have a craving, I always drink water first and see if it passes. I plan my meals for the week every Sunday. I also try to choose different foods that will surprise my family and I shop for these meals. I use seasonal foods and buy from my local farmers and markets whenever Continue Reading

Beet Lover? Take the quiz.

Beet lover

I grew up not liking veggies, least of all beets, I thought they were gross. Now, I’m a forever beet lover. How could this have happened? First, let me say this… you can only drink so much green juice. I love my green juice but there are other colors in the rainbow and universe that your body craves… whether you know it now or not. I have been craving beets, so in today’s post, I’m going to Continue Reading

Veggie Hash

Veggie Hash

  Recipe: Veggie Hash Summary: I made this on a whim with stuff left around the kitchen, it was phenomenal. Everyone raved! Ingredients 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons pastured butter 1 cup sweet potato, diced 1/2 pound fresh shiitake mushrooms, diced 1 red belly pepper, diced 1/2 cup broccoli, chopped 1/2 cup cauliflower, chopped 1 butternut squash, diced (I Continue Reading

Feeling really naked, avoiding mirrors and weight gain

Renee Heigel, Health Coach

(How I felt really naked and how being naked helps you lose weight) You know that dream that you’re suddenly naked and all eyes are on you. It’s scary, you are alone and looking around and you're ask'n... how in the hell did I get here and oh shit—everyone is looking at me. I need to run and fast. Yes? How about this… When is the last time you were completely alone with yourself? I Continue Reading

What a Goddess called Aphrodite can teach you about health + body


To understand greek mythology and the proverbial characters within it is to understand one's self and how we relate to our body's, each other and our individual lives. My belief is these lessons in mythology can offer us wonderful lessons about being human. There have been lessons coming to us from Ancient Greece for centuries and in many ways it has shaped our culture. As I dusted off my old Continue Reading

Huge growth and fried pickles

Renee Heigel, Health Coach

As I write to you I am feeling deeply into the Love Yourself Naked Video Summit and the thousands it will reach and also planning for 2013 and the programs that will impact you most. I can already feel and see the smiling faces, it's really beautiful. Thank you for opening yourself up to this HEALTHY idea of Naked Love Of Thy Self... STORY. Last night, I went to a restaurant close to were I Continue Reading

I Am Enough


I am enough. What happens in your gut when you say that out loud? Are you defeated and the shame of "I'm not enough" comes up to the surface? Does it make you think about what being enough means? Or does it invigorate you pulling the air deep into your lungs as you smile at the possibilities of life? I've discovered that my own personal journey included this awareness of women being Continue Reading

4 weight loss tips that have nothing to do with food, diet or exercise

2012-07-30 09.56.20

What if food, diet and excercise were not the biggest reasons we put or kept the weight on?  What if "mothering" of thy self was a key to maintaining health, weight loss and joy in one's life for the long term? Take the next 5 minutes to mother YOU and read this... Above, there is a picture of me nursing my son way back when he still received nutrients from me. Now, he is much more Continue Reading

Persistence And Not Giving Up

Renee Heigel, Love Yourself Naked Holistic Health Coach

Discover how to tap into your persistence and not give up with health, weight loss, life goals and relationships. In this video, Renee Heigel, Holistic Health Coach shares REAL actionable tips you take when overcoming obstacles to get you more self confidence and willpower so you can get the results you want through holistic nutrition. Use this video as a catalyst to help you surrender to your Continue Reading

7 Tips To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

eating and dining out

Want tips to eat a healthy diet when dining out? In this video, Renee Heigel, Holistic Health Coach shares seven, REAL actionable steps you take when eating outside the home to get you more self esteem, willpower and weight loss results through holistic nutrition. Use these 7 tips for a healthy diet outside the home and feel better about the choices you make when eating and Continue Reading