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I often hear people talk as if they are “broken”.

This bothers me deeply!

What they cannot see is that they are walking around with a belief that they need to be fixed. That there is something inherently wrong with them the way they are right now.

I have news for you.

You are not broken.


You are perfectly imperfect and that makes you a spiritual being living in a material world.

(Tweet: “You are perfectly imperfect and that makes you a spiritual being living in a material world” -Renee Heigel)

I have 3 Mandates that I learned from Anthony Robbins to share with you in a moment.

First I desire for you to be a leader of your own body.

In the past 2 months, 2 of my friends died of cancer, both holistic health coaches. I am sad and yet so angry!

I also just had surgery last week… I had my umbilical hernia fixed.

I had a 48 hour natural childbirth and for the past 4 years by hernia has held me back… I was limited on exercises and I had a fear I would rupture it while doing some crazy dance or exercise moves.

So while I was sitting in the bed awaiting my turn to be cut open, I listened and observed the others around me… Breast cancer survivor in front of me. Double bypass to my right and another hernia a few curtains down.

I thought about the barbaric part of surgery and then I thought of our cells … Everything we expose our body to has an impact on our cells… For me, I was thinking about the anesthesia, the Valium knocking me out and the Vicodin they will give me after… all of it impacting my cells. I was also contemplating my thoughts about my belly button since I was a child.

I  thought a lot about the difference between the woman in that room (me) who chose surgery and the woman in that room who felt backed into a corner before choosing… the woman with the double bi-pass or survivor of breast cancer.

My empathetic muscle flexed tightly, I teared up as I saw the woman across from me look down her gown at the space her breasts once filled up.

Then, my boyfriend walked in and smiled a bright grin that lit up the room. His only intent, to make me laugh… And I thought of the fact that he is a cancer survivor himself.

Since I was born I always had an outie belly button. It made me different, it made me unique. Until one day, way back in my early years… someone at school made fun of me.

In high school, I recall going to the beach with some friends… I was nervous to be in a bathing suit… then this one guy noticed my belly button. He also noticed an ingrown hair along my bikini line.  He laughed out loud and announced that I had a 3rd nipple… and that the ingrown hair (basically a zit that felt the size of a watermelon that day) should be the 4th nipple. Laughter erupted.

I was humiliated.

It’s pretty funny to me now, but I must share that I carried that vivid story and those immature  words with me for over 15 years before I figured out I needed to let them go. I used to have a voice in my head when I saw my belly that said “ugly… third nipple”.

As I read the notes from some potential clients recently, I heard the stories of their shame, hatred and disdain for their bodies.  One woman expressed feeling completely detached from her body.

One of those people, now my client, later mentioned to me on the phone that she was called a pretty vicious name in elementary school…. she shared that she was called a fat slob.  On that call, she had a breakthrough that she has spent the past 30 years of her life living into the story and belief that she is a “fat slob”.  She saw that she had created that story based on a name she was called and her body reflected that exact belief.

Whatever your obstacle is… maybe you are overweight or obese. You feel trapped in your body. Maybe you hate your thighs… maybe you don’t like your belly fat. May you have a disability. Maybe you’ve had abuse and you feel deep shame around it… Maybe you’re a cancer survivor or you were just diagnosed with some medical news that shocked you.

I want you to know something.

You are not broken.

I want you to achieve health and happiness but mostly I want you to “be whole” in the process of doing it.

Our culture doesn’t make it easy for you… or me.

Social media, Barbie Dolls and anorexic models on magazines.

A food system that is so unbelievably corrupt… drugs and antibiotics in our foods, trans fats, processed crap, whole wheat, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn oils… the list goes on.

This is what is killing people. Heart disease, obesity and diabetes, yes.. .but how about poor immunity that makes us more susceptible to disease… ruining and degrading our intestinal lining making it so we leach toxic waste into our bloodstream and then sending it out to our organs and then causing all other kinds of ailments… including celiac, crohn’s and this is just the start.

But you know what else is killing people?

Their beliefs are.

Science says that your perception of your environment controls your cells. Your perceptions are your beliefs.

It turns out that our beliefs select our gene’s and select our behavior. Dr. Bruce Lipton is the genius behind these research studies.

They can actually prove a molecular connection where a belief switches on a gene. This isn’t a bunch of hocus pocus spiritual woowoo stuff, although I don’t mind that from time to time.

The things I share here are scientifically validated and spiritually sound™.

The whole game is about your cells.  Your cells are either thriving or they are dying. And your cells create the reality that you are living in right now.

We can change our cells based on 2 things:

  1. The health of the cell (cells need oxygen, water and to let go of waste)
  2. The mindset of the cell (our beliefs tell our cells what to do… grow, shrink, hold toxins, create disease, cleanse, etc)

With this knowledge you can now lead your body and each day you’ll make progress, you learn and get results.

Here are the 3 mandates I mentioned earlier:

1. See things as they are, not worse than they are.

Tell yourself the truth. Instead of dwelling on your issues we face them. We often see things as “worse” because we want an excuse and we’re afraid to fail.

2. See it better than it is.

Create a vision of what you desire and take the steps in life, one at a time, to draft your own roadmap and make it real.

3. Make things the way you see them.

This requires strategy and it is something that can be taught.  You look to use all the resources available to you.  When I think about cancer, disability, sickness and disease, I’m reminded that the pain and anger are a driving force. Through the fear and crisis, new beliefs are chosen and leaders are created.

It’s time to be the leader of your body. 


Renee “loves herself naked” Heigel


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